From College Kids to Franchisees:
A Candid Update

Wonder what it’s like to become a franchisee?
Watch for a candid update on the journey of two young franchisees, first as they become franchisees for an existing North Kansas City Jefferson’s location. Next up, they’ll be working on opening a brand new location in Lenexa, Kansas.

Options in Entrepreneurship: KU School of Business Talks Franchising

We sat down with KU School of Business lecturer Charlotte Tritch following an invitation to guest speak in her Management of Small Business class. Watch and listen to learn more about why Charlotte was interested in getting franchising information in front of her students.

Behind the Brand with Jefferson's: The 4 P's of Franchising

Entering the world of franchising is like jumping off a high dive into the ocean. Let us help you know what to look for before you jump

It’s difficult to peruse a website or scan a piece of paper to understand completely the true value of the business and if it is the sector in which you want to invest.

Ned Nelson, VP of Jefferson’s Franchise Systems, has worked closely with franchisees for more than 14 years and sold franchises in the food service industry. He’s learned a lot about the process and knows how important it is for all parties to find the right “fit.”

So, being the helpful kind of guy he is (or at least that’s what people tell him), he thought it might be helpful to summarize some of his thoughts on the matter for those who might have ever considered buying into a franchise or who are currently in the process.

He narrowed the advice down to the 4 Ps to consider when evaluating a franchise.

Franchising Jefferson's: the 30-year history, the brand & the man behind it

Get inside the 30-year history behind Jefferson’s and learn about the KU grad who now leads the 30-location brand + brand new QSR brand. Event was previously recorded. 

In this event:

  • Profiling Brandon Graham, President of Jefferson’s Franchise Systems
  • What is Jefferson’s? To start, we are celebrating 30 years! How did we get here and how did we get started?
  • Did you know Jefferson’s franchises? Our current locations are in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Missouri and Kansas.
  • Did you know we also just opened a new QSR brand in the KC Metro?