1. What is your franchise fee and what will I pay in royalties?

Our franchisee fee is $20,000 for new franchisees. Our royalty percentage is 4%—an industry low. We do not currently charge a renewal fee.

2. Do you change your franchise fee very often?
Our franchise fee has been the same since we began. 
3. How long will my royalty fee stay at 4%? Will it change periodically?
Your royalty fee will not change for the term of your franchise agreement. Our franchise agreements are set at 10-year terms. 

4. What kind of training can I expect?

All new franchisees will gain hands-on experience in our existing restaurants. Our program is comprehensive and covers every part of the business from running a successful business all the way down. Once your opening date approaches, our training team will provide training support for your new hires and stay on board during your first full week of opening, minimum. All new restaurants are different. We will provide as much continued support as needed.

5. What resources can I expect as a Jefferson’s as a Jefferson’s Franchisee?

FS has worked to find the best third party vendors to enhance our system.

  • ExpandShare — Our full-service employee training program built to empower everybody from our Jefferson’s dishwashers to our general managers
  • Onosys — Our digital ordering and call-center solution for pickup and delivery orders that fully integrates with your POS as an additional revenue center
  • Grand Opening Support — A fully constructed New Restaurant Opening plan with comprehensive opening checklists & FFE & smallwares purchase orders from our trusted vendors

6. Can I open 10 stores?

Absolutely, but let’s start with one. We’ll help you open as many as you can operate in the future.

7. How long will it take to open a Jefferson’s?

It varies—but we promise to be there every step of the way. From the time you sign your Franchise Agreement, it generally takes 3 months to open your new franchised restaurant and that’s what we strive to help you achieve.

Variables that affect the overall timeline to open a new location could range from your ability to secure financing, to finding your preferred location, to construction progress, to equipment delivery.

While we aim to help you open your restaurant as quickly as possible, delays sometimes happen and we work with you to navigate the right timeline for you.

8. Do franchisees have to buy from Jefferson’s approved vendors?

Yes, but you’ll want to. Jefferson’s works diligently to find the best quality products at the best price possible by creating long-lasting vendor relationships.

9. What is the first step to becoming a Jefferson’s franchisee?

Fill out our sign-up form here.